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  Whitby Drivers On Board with School Bus Safety

Jul 18, 2011 13:54 ET

Three-day blitz yields just three charges.
Feb 27, 2010 – 04:30 AM
By JEFF MITCHELL - Metroland

WHITBY -- It appears drivers in Whitby are on board with school bus safety laws.
A three-day enforcement campaign undertaken by Durham police resulted in charges against just two drivers for failing to stop for buses with their signals flashing, said the officer in charge of the initiative. That minimal number of charges adds up to success, said Constable Darryl Rice, traffic safety coordinator with Durham police in Whitby.
"The public is being compliant," he said.
"I don't gauge success on the number of charges we're bringing in," Const. Rice said. "That high compliance rate -- that's how I measure the success of the program."
The effort was undertaken in response to concerns raised by area school bus drivers about motorists failing to stop for the flashing red lights engaged whenever students are boarding or disembarking. Infractions can result in fines up to $490 and loss of up to six demerit points.
For three days last week officers in unmarked or low-profile cruisers followed buses on a variety of routes, looking out for drivers who failed to stop for the buses.
The vast majority of drivers stopped as they are required to. As for the two motorists nabbed during the blitz, "the people just weren't paying attention," Const. Rice said.
The results are good news, he said.
"The public is doing what it's supposed to be doing," Const. Rice said.

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