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  Celebrating and Educating Seniors in Durham

Jun 07, 2012 15:14 ET

A recent event in Ajax gave the Durham Regional Police an excellent opportunity to interact with local seniors in a fun and relaxed environment.

Residents in Ajax were invited to a free barbecue, hosted by the Town of Ajax, at Rotary Park on Jun. 7, where officers from West Division used their new training to help educate the community about important issues.

A seniors initiative was developed by Det. Pat Waters and D/Cst. Tom Kollaard of the West Division - Criminal Investigation Branch to better educate officers about senior issues. Two officers from each platoon, along with Det. Waters and D/Cst. Kollaard, reached out to local experts in Durham to teach them about how to better communicate with seniors and what issues were the biggest concern facing our elder population.

“This initiative was put forth on a volunteer bases so all of the members of the team are extremely dedicated to helping out our seniors,” said Det. Waters. “When starting up this program we reached out to local senior centres, community living residents and agencies so we would have the important contacts we needed to make this a success.”

Many members of the team attend speaking engagements and events on their own time.

“We’ve spoken to groups from as small as 10 people to as big as 300,” said D/Cst. Kollaard, “and every time we’re out there the people we come in contact with are genuinely engaged and appreciative of our efforts and it leaves no question that we’re making a difference.”

The initiative also allows for better resources to all officers in the Division. If any one officer is dealing with an investigation involving a senior, they have their partners to rely on as a resource.

To request an officer to come to a community event or to speak to a group in the Ajax/Pickering area, please contact Det. Waters or D/Cst. Kollaard at or

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Cst. Snow provides some valuable information (JPG file, 521.7K bytes)
Members spent the day speaking the our elder community (JPG file, 562.2K bytes)
Some of the senior initiative team - Det. Waters, Cst. Flis, Cst. Snow, D/Cst. Kollaard and Cst. Riley (JPG file, 470.4K bytes)