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  Officers Conduct Successful "Move Over" Initiative in Orono

Mar 01, 2018 09:58 ET

DRPS members from East Division partnered with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to conduct a "Move Over" initiative in Orono this week. The goal of the initiative was to educate drivers on the requirement for them to move over to the left lane when they drive by an emergency vehicle or tow truck stopped at the side of the road with its emergency lights or flashing lights activated.

On Tuesday February 27, 2018, officers from the MTO were conducting regular inspections along Hwy 35/115, between Hwy 2 and the 35/115 cut-off. DRPS officers observed numerous vehicles failing to change lanes when it was safe to do so, close to where the MTO officer performed inspections. Officers stopped drivers who failed to move over.

During the initiative DRPS issued:

15 PONs, 13 of which were for Fail to move over for an emergency vehicle.
5 Cautions, 4 of which were for Fail to move over for an emergency vehicle.
1 Compliance Check on a female driver who is under numerous conditions

In addition, DRPS officers issued 4 PONs and 4 cautions for various unrelated infractions along Highway 115/35.

Motorists are reminded that the Highway Traffic Act states if you see an emergency vehicle or a tow truck with its lights flashing stopped on your side of the road, you must slow down, pass with caution and mover over to provide a lane of space between your vehicle and the emergency vehicle.

DRPS will continue similar initiatives throughout the year.