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Service Excellence

Mental Health Support Unit

Oct 04, 2014 22:36 ET

Mental Health Support Unit

Our Mental Health Support Unit (MHSU) and frontline officers recently demonstrated compassion and specialized knowledge at a call in Scugog Township.

On Sept. 25, 2014, officers were called to Nesbitt Line in Scugog Township. A Scugog Works truck spraying the road for dust control was passed by a vehicle, which proceeded to skid off the road and land in a marshy ditch. A man got out, yelled at the Works Crew to keep his car and walked into the woods carrying a machete and a walking stick.

A perimeter was set up, K-9 went in and the Tactical Support Unit provided cover. The male was located and brought out safely. A MHSU police officer and specially-trained crisis worker talked to the male to understand what the behavior was about. Although he had mental health issues, he was calm and articulate. He loved going into the woods to look for treasures and needed the machete and walking stick to get through the thick brush. He was not upset at the works crew. He was dressed for the weather, did not want to harm anyone and did not want to harm himself. He did not want to go home and other options were presented to him.

After talking with the man and the witnesses, officers determined there were no grounds for an arrest or apprehension. An officer drove him to an Oshawa rooming house, where he was provided with a hot meal and shelter. The male was very appreciative, shook the officers hands and thanked them for their understanding and assistance.

A job well done by frontline officers, K-9, TAC and the MHSU!!

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