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Service Excellence

Recognizing Sergeant Jamie Derusha

Oct 08, 2014 10:55 ET

Sergeant Derusha was recently recognized for his contribution to Project Palladium. Project Palladium received two recognitions; the Commissioners Commendation for Outstanding Investigation and the Accolade Award for Partnership.

The project was conducted under the OPPs Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit, a joint-forces partnership that includes inter-provincial, federal and international partners, working together to keep illegal weapons out of the hands of criminals.

The focus of Project Palladium was the online investigation into the sale, distribution and export of various firearm-enhancing parts. These enhancement would allow the user to convert semi-automatic firearms to fully-automatic ones. Other enhancements would augment the firearm with over-capacity ammunition magazines.

Partnering with the Surete du Quebec, ATF, York Regional Police, Canada Post, Interpol, the Ministry of Finance, and the Canadian Forces National Investigative Services, the project resulted in the arrest of an employee of the Department of National Defence and a Quebec manufacturing plant was raided for evidence.

The United States Department of Justice hailed Project Pallidium as demonstrating seamless cooperation that is a daily occurrence between our two nations, especially when it comes to cross border-crime investigation and the stemming of international firearms trafficking.

Congratulations Sergeant Derusha.

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