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Service Excellence

DRPS Officer Honoured With Community Commendation

Apr 22, 2015 14:34 ET

Cst. Kyle Lloyd was recently awarded the Community Commendation of Merit by Kingston Police for his efforts in rescuing a woman from a house fire.

In November 2013, Cst. Lloyd was off-duty at his family residence in Kingston. At about 11 p.m. he observed flames travelling up the rear of a neighbouring residence. He ran to the residence as he called 911.

No one answered the door, but he noticed there was a vehicle in the driveway. Cst. Lloyd immediately forced the door open and observed a female standing at the bottom of the stairs. She seemed unaware of the fire and insisted he look for her cat. Cst. Lloyd looked around but was unable to locate the animal. He brought the woman outside of the residence and instructed her to alert one of her neighbours while he spoke with another neighbour about a possible evacuation.

Cst. Lloyd communicated with the responding fire unit and directed them to the fire. He was later advised by responding police officers that the fire was arson and the suspect had been arrested for a string of arson incidents in the neighbourhood. The accused was later convicted.

Congratulations to Cst. Llyod for his efforts in potentially saving this womans life!

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