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Service Excellence

DRPS Communicator Assists Young Caller

Feb 01, 2018 14:16 ET

DRPS Communicator Sean Carmichael was recently thanked for the calm care he took when dealing with a young caller in need of help for his mother.

A VOIP-transferred call came into 911. The caller was an 8-year-old boy who stated his mother was having problems putting on her jacket and she kept dropping the phone. Sean quickly recognized that an ambulance may be required at this residence and sent a call back to have one dispatched. Sean exhibited genuine empathy and provided invaluable support to the 8-year-old caller while he ascertained his name, location and phone number.

Sean kept the boy calm and obtained important details for the attending officers and EMS. The boy further explained that his mother was lying on the floor beside him and was having trouble speaking and moving. Sean relayed medical updates to EMS by other call takers and he stayed on the line with the boy until the officers and EMS arrived on scene. The mother had had a medical episode, was transported to hospital and released a few days later.

Sean Carmichael and Insp. Steve Jones went to visit the young boy, named Nathan, to commend him on his bravery and for doing the right thing to help his mom. Excellent work in helping this family in need of help.

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Insp. Jones, Nathan and Sean Carmichael (JPG file, 1,860.7K bytes)