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  UN Ambassador Speaks to Youth in Policing

Jul 18, 2008 15:04 ET

Youth in Policing students at DRPS were challenged to embrace their education and never take it for granted as they heard from a war survivor and UN Ambassador Friday at Regional Headquarters.

Recently named Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, Marietu Kamara suffered a barbaric act during the war in Sierra Leone in 1999. During the attack both her hands were cut off by rebels and two of her best friends were killed.

She spoke to the students about her experiences as part of their day-long “Celebrating Diversity” forum. After coming to Canada with no education, Marietu began studying English and later attended Pickering High School where she excelled and graduated. She is currently attending Centennial College where she is studying Travel and Tourism.

Marietu continues to work to overcome what happened to her and other amputees. Despite the horrible attacks, they want the world to know they are stronger than what happened to them and look forward to the future.

She encouraged the Youth in Policing students to stay in school, stay away from crime and violence, get in involved in volunteering, be of service to society and be responsible for their lives. Marietu also works with UNICEF and is completing a book about her life.

Throughout the day students also heard from Organizational Development Specialist for Recruitment at Whitby Mental Health Centre, Starlene McDonald. Starlene has an extensive background in Human Resources and discussed team building, resumes and leadership qualities. In the afternoon Jennifer Hartman and the Harmony Movement discussed leadership, acceptance and how to effectively stand up for issues they feel strongly about.

The 28 Youth in Policing students will be with DRPS until the end of August.

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