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  YIP Students Host Youth Forum

Aug 27, 2008 14:23 ET

Over 150 young people attended the first ever youth forum hosted by the Youth in Policing students on Aug. 26 in Ajax.

Deputy Chief Chuck Mercier welcomed the youths before listening to inspirational speakers Farley Flex and Spider Jones. They encouraged them to continue their leadership roles in the community and to live their passion everyday. “When I see young people like you,” said Spider Jones, “it gives me hope for the future.”

The day also included some break-out sessions, with the youths tackling issues such as cyber-bullying, gangs, drugs and racism. Each group presented some viable solutions to the problems and ideas that they could take back to their communities. All students involved in the forum will receive an action plan to implement in their school.

The Youth in Policing summer program introduced 28 students to the world of policing and focused on developing their leadership skills. Throughout the course of the summer they were certified in CPR, worked at St. Vincent’s Kitchen and participated in diversity workshops.

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