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  Report Aggressive Drivers!

Sep 11, 2008 15:21 ET

DRPS Deputy Chief Chuck Mercier helped launch a province-wide campaign Sept. 11th aimed at getting aggressive motorists off our roads on behalf of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police.

Over 2000 decals which say "Help Keep Our Workplace Safe - Report Aggressive Motorists, Call Police" will be distributed free of charge to truckers by the Ontario Trucking Association.

The campaign is the creation of Debbie and Dean Virgoe, the wife and brother of trucker David Virgoe who was killed on Highway 400 last year when he lost control of his tanker after being cut off by three speeding cars. Virgoe was forced to swerve to avoid other vehicles in front of him and crashed in a ditch. Police say his heroic actions likely prevented the deaths of others on the highway that day.

It is hoped that initiative will bring further visibility to traffic safety, reminding motorists to watch for aggressive drivers, speeders, those making making unsafe lane changes or otherwise endangering others.

Among those joining Deputy Chief Mercier were David's wife and brother, OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, Ontario Transportation Minister Jim Bradley, and OTA President David Bradley.

Three young men were changed in connection with the crash that killed David Virgoe. In June, 20 year old Nauman Nusrat, of Etobicoke was sentenced to two years of house arrest, followed by two years of probation after pleading guilty to criminal negligence, driving without insurance and having forged insurance documents. Prabhjit Multani, 20, of Etobicoke, and Ravi Badhwar, 21, of Mississauga, are charged with dangerous driving causing death, street racing causing death and failing to remain at the scene.

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