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  Motorists Reminded to Take Care

Dec 08, 2008 13:58 ET

With changing weather patterns and snowfall expected this week, the Durham Regional Police Service is reminding residents to adjust their driving and take extra care out on our roads.

Here are a few tips to help you get safely through the winter months.

Driving Tips

Always give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination.

Keep an emergency kit in your trunk filled with extra antifreeze and windshield-washer fluid, a flashlight and extra batteries, blankets, a candle, matches, hazard markers or flares, a snow shovel, extra hats and mitts, and chocolate or granola bars.

Wear your seatbelt

Check road conditions before leaving

Bring a cell phone

Ensure your gas tank, anti freeze and windshield fluids are topped up

Slow down

For more driving tips visit Transport Canada on their Web site at:

Safety Tips for Children

Ensure children are properly dressed for the weather. They can always remove extra layers if they become too warm.

Have kids wear protective headgear when tobogganing, ice skating or skiing or snowboarding.

Watch your children when they are playing outside. Snow forts, ponds and ditches can all be potential hazards.

Wintertime means we raise the temperature, in our homes, our food and our showers. Check hot food items, such as soup and hot chocolate, before giving them to kids. Also, be aware of fireplace hazards as well as, the temperature of the bath water.

For more information on children’s safety tips, check out Safe Kids Canada on their Web site.

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