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  Latest Training Equipment Keeps Officers Sharp

Oct 21, 2002 12:12 ET

It’s dark. A car parked at the side of a country back road matches the description of one being driven by a wanted person. A police officer approaches the vehicle and sees a man in the back seat. The Officer orders the man out of the vehicle. As the man slowly complies, he suddenly reaches into his vest and pulls out what looks like a…

For police officers, life and death decisions sometimes have to be made in tenths of seconds. To better prepare officers, real-life, believable training scenarios are essential. Such scenarios are played out every day, behind the scenes, in the police training rooms at Durham College.

Durham Regional Police Officers have a new tool to help them prepare. State-of-the-art interactive computer equipment has just been installed at the Police Learning Centre, giving officers an additional training tool. In this new technology, the bad guy fires back.

The equipment, called the Professional Range Instructor Simulator (PRISim), was recently purchased from a Seattle company. Officers face a large video screen and interact with actors who portray various scenarios. The Officers must take cover if the video bad guy fires his weapon because a ½” nylon ball is actually fired at the Officer from a laser-guided gun at the bottom of the screen.

The real-life feel of the equipment is turning heads at the Police Learning Centre because this threat of being hit by the ball makes officers even more alert about body position during training sessions. Although they are wearing protective gear, the ball will leave a bruise on the skin.

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