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  Vehicle Safety Bltiz in Beaverton

Mar 19, 2009 15:41 ET

Officers from 15 Division (North Durham) partnered with three different provincial ministries for a commercial vehicle safety blitz in Beaverton on Wednesday, March 18th.

The officers set up the inspection station at a former gas station on Highway 12 just east of the village of Beaverton. Large commercial vehicles, including dump trucks, were diverted into the station where they were inspected for safety infractions and other items. Several older personal vehicles were also pulled over.

Participating in the safety blitz from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. were the Ministry of Finance (commercial/private fuel inspections); the Ministry of Revenue (emissions) and the Transportation Ministry (overloaded rigs, insecure holds). The DRPS assisted by diverting vehicles from the main highway and also looking for Highway Traffic Act infractions.

About 75 vehicles were inspected and 13 vehicles were taken out of service as they were deemed not to be roadworthy. A total of 15 fuel inspections resulted in one coloured fuel charge and one caution. As well, 15 emission tests were done and four charges were laid. The DRPS laid 23 charges under the Highway Traffic Act and issued 13 cautions.

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