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  Three Arrested for ATM Tampering

Apr 02, 2009 15:09 ET

A joint investigation with the OPP on debit and credit card frauds has resulted in the arrest of three males for placing “overlay” devices on ATM machines in the Greater Toronto Area.

The investigation was led by the DRPS Fraud Unit and the Ontario Provincial Police Identity Crimes Unit (OPP) . On Sunday March 29, 2009 with the cooperation of TD Bank Financial Corporate Security, officers from the OPP and DRPS were conducting surveillance on a TD Bank ATM on the corner of Bathurst St and Rutherford Road in the City of Vaughan.

Investigators observed two male suspects placing an ATM overlay devise and pin-hole camera on the ATM machine at that location.

The suspects were arrested and the continuing investigation resulted in a third male being arrested. A search warrant was obtained and executed at the suspect’s residence in Markham where police seized ATM “overlay” devises along with other electronic equipment used in the surreptitious capture of credit and debit card data at ATM’s.

ATM “overlays” are electronic devises that are adapted to fit on the face of an ATM at the location where customers insert their debit cards. The devise steals the electronic data from the magnetic stripe on the customer’s bank card. Suspects will also place a small digital video recorder (pin-hole camera) on the ATM to capture the customers PIN number as they enter it on the key pad. Using this gathered data suspects can later return to the ATM and withdraw money from the victims’ accounts using fraudulently reproduced cards.

A full list of charges is available on this website in the Media Release section. Photos of overlay devices are attached.

Below are attached files.
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