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  9-1-1 Communicators and Officers Recognized

Oct 05, 2009 17:21 ET

Durham Regional Police 911 call-takers as well as officers were honoured on Monday June 8 for their part in saving the lives of heart attack victims at the annual Lightning Bolt Awards at Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility in Ajax.

Organized by the Central East Prehospital Care Program at Lakeridge Health, the awards were presented to police, fire, and ambulance (EMS) personnel in the region who helped save the lives of victims of cardiac arrest during the past year. Many cardiac survivors were at the ceremony to thank their rescuers in person.

Recipients of the award included Communicators Laurie Arnott, Katie Powell, Samantha Bedford, Kerrey Sargent-Berentschot, Megan Broome, Janice Byrne, Sean Carmichael, Colin Charles, Laura Farmer, Tami Hartford, James Harwood, Gayle Hetherington, Kim Hook, Michelle Judson, Tammy Lessard, Stacie Lockwood, Angie MacPherson, Paula Mayers, Pauline McKnight, Suzanne Newby, Stacey Spriggs, Janice Stokes, James Timmins, Robyn White, Sarina Whitney and Amy Wilson-Ross and DRP officers Det. Mike Dougherty, Cst. Gabriel Gagnon, Cst. Rob Sottile, D/Cst. Debby-Lyn Sabo, Cst. Kevin Legge, Cst. Janine Henderson, D/Cst. Tyler French, Csts. John Sikma, Jeff Rutherford, Lindsey Butt, David Goldenberg, Eric Heron, Dillon Laloo, Chris Storey and Len Kalonka.

Congratulations to everyone for saving a life!

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