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  Staying Safe on Prom Night

Jun 10, 2009 12:15 ET

It’s prom night. A night many senior high school students look forward to their whole year. With all the basics covered – the outfit, the limo and the date – don’t let a few other important safety precautions slip your mind amidst all the excitement.

Here’s some important prom safety tips for both students and parents:

Underage Drinking is Illegal
Most students in Grade 12 are 17 and 18, but some students (or their guests) could be older than this. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 and anyone caught drinking underage or giving alcohol to someone underage can face serious legal repercussions.

You Don’t Need Alcohol to Have Fun
You’re surrounded by friends and classmates in a party atmosphere, celebrating the upcoming end to your high school experience. Don’t spoil your memory of the event with feelings of regret, humiliation and disappointment from the effects of alcohol. Most people only get to experience their prom once and so be sure to make yours memorable in a positive sense.

Be Prepared With a Plan
Arrange your transportation home prior to the prom. Carry around emergency phone numbers and extra money in case you need to take a cab. If you have a cellphone and need a cab, calling #TAXI will connect you to a local cab company if you find yourself in a city other than your hometown.

Travel in Pairs or Groups
Be sure to travel in groups or with at least one reliable friend. Keep tabs on your friends and be sure to let them know if you change your plans so that someone always knows where you are. Take care of your friends as you would want them to do for you.

Never Drink and Drive
Road collisions are the leading cause of death among teenagers and 45% of teenage drivers who are killed in road collisions have been drinking. If you are of age and decide to drink, don't drive! Do not enter a vehicle with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It’s not worth risking your life, so call a cab or your parents for a ride if there is no designated driver.

Keep Your Parents in the Know
Tell your parents the itinerary for the night following the prom, the friends you will be with, your means of transportation and the phone numbers of where you can be reached. This way, your parents won’t have to call you every so often to find out where you are and you can enjoy yourself while leaving your parents more at ease.

Though you can’t be responsible for everyone’s actions, by following these guidelines you can set an example and encourage others to make smart decisions.

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