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  Highway of Heroes Salute Ride a Great Success

Jul 21, 2009 10:17 ET

Members of DRPS took part in the first annual Highway of Heroes Salute Ride which was held on Saturday, July 18. The ride was intended to raise funds and awareness for several causes including the Wounded Warriors Fund and the Canada Company’s Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Lead by a DRPS cruiser, the motorcycle ride kicked off at Mackie Harley-Davidson in Whitby and participants rode along the 401, also known as the Highway of Heroes, took a break in Cobourg for lunch and refreshments, then continued on to CFB Trenton.

“I had the honour of riding with DRP’s finest in the lead cruiser for the duration of the ride,” said DRP member Sandra Mackey. “We pulled onto the 401 with ease and it was smooth sailing from then on. We left Mackie Harley-Davidson and drove to Thickson Road, went over the bridge looping down the ramp and onto the 401 and as we passed Mackie’s, the motorcycles were still coming out in pairs!”

The ride was meant to honour the 125 soldiers who have given their lives for our country in Afghanistan since 2002. It also raised over $20,000 and more than 300 people showed up to participate.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was there to offer his support, as well as the Highway of Heroes Salute Ride Ambassador Dakota Lee Allen, a young girl who has suffered from heart problems and credits the Canadian Military for inspiring her bravery.

Thank you to all DRP officers and civilian members who came out to participate in this great event!

*Photos courtesy of Dave Robinet,

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