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  Attorney General Announces Funding

Jul 21, 2009 11:16 ET

Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley and M.P.P. Joe Dickson have announced $175,000 in funding for a new mobile command vehicle for the DRPS Public Order Unit (POU).

Chief Mike Ewles and Officer in Charge of the POU, Insp. Rolf Kluem, welcomed the news at a brief news conference held Tuesday morning at Headquarters in Whitby.

The money comes from the AG's Civil Remedies for Illicit Activities (CRIA) program, which allows money taken out of the hands of wrongdoers to be used to support crime prevention and victim assistance programs.

Specifications on the proposed 20-foot-long truck are being finalized and the project will go to tender in August. The vehicle should be ready in March of 2010. It will help the POU with major grid searches for missing people and at other special events.

"We're delighted with today's announcement," says Chief Mike Ewles, "This funding is most appreciated and will enable us to purchase and equip an important emergency services vehicle that will be worth its weight in gold in the field."

The DRPS has seized approximately $5.98 million under all seizure and forfeiture processes (both civil and criminal) since January 2008. Of that total, about $683,000 would be through the CRIA program. A large portion of these assets are still frozen pending the outcome of court proceedings.

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