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  Community Thanks Local Peacekeepers

Aug 09, 2009 15:29 ET

DRPS members attended the first annual National Peacekeepers Day in Oshawa on Sunday August 9 at the Royal Canadian Legion on Simcoe Street South.

Deputy Chief Sherry Whiteway recognized retired Sgt. Tom Whiteway and D/Cst. Martin Franssen of 19 Division for their personal commitment to world peace. A number of citizens, veterans, Legion officials and community dignitaries attended.

Deputy Whiteway announced that the DRPS has had 16 police officers serve on various international missions since 1997 and was proud to encourage officers to participate. DRPS Officers have served in Haiti, Bosnia, Jordan and other locations around the world. A number of our officers are also in Afghanistan helping to train the local police force.

The event was sponsored by the Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities, Veterans Affairs Canada, the City of Oshawa and various local businesses.

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Deputy Whiteway Salutes During Ceremony (JPG file, 66.1K bytes)
Deputy Whiteway and D/Cst. Franssen Chat (JPG file, 72.3K bytes)
Retired Sgt. Tom Whiteway (JPG file, 62.0K bytes)