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  Contracted Tow Companies in Durham Region

Nov 20, 2013 10:52 ET

Durham Regional Police Service would like to remind motorists who are involved in collisions that they don’t have to hire the first tow company on scene.

We are aware of several incidents in which motorists were charged excessive towing fees for short trips to the Regional Reporting Centre in Whitby.

Durham Regional Police has a contracted solution to this problem that stabilizes the rates and pre-screens tow truck companies.

The current contracted tow companies for the Durham Regional Police Service are:

Bob’s Towing - Clarington
Jim’s Towing - Oshawa
Duff’s Towing - Whitby/Ajax/Pickering
Brian’s Towing - Port Perry
Andy’s Towing - Uxbridge
Pedersen’s Towing - North Durham

Every three years, the DRPS enters into agreements with tow truck companies throughout the Region. Interested companies must apply and enter a selection process. This process is extensive, which ranges from criminal record checks for all of the drivers, to a review of pound capacity and security, number of trucks, rates, etc. These contracts are entered into in order to provide reasonable rates to the residents and visitors of Durham Region and to the Durham Regional Police Service.

Set rates have been agreed upon from all of these companies for tow services. These rates range from $85 to $235 for a basic tow according to the type of vehicle being towed and the distance being covered. The established charges applicable to out of Regional tow areas range from $2.75 to $3.50 per kilometre.

The DRPS has received some complaints relating to non-contracted tow company charges. In one case, the DRPS received information a consumer received a per kilometre charge of $11.00 (per kilometre) from the scene of an accident from a non-contracted tow company.

It is an offence for tow truck drivers to solicit business and park at the scene of a crash, on the King’s highway, such as Highway 12 or Highway 401 (HTA sec 171), and (O Reg. 604 4(1)(h) ). Ajax and Pickering have similar by-laws preventing solicitation on their roads. Ultimately, the owner/driver of the vehicle can choose whichever tow service they desire, however, the rates provided by the police contracted tow companies are in place to protect the drivers, owners and insurance companies against towing and storage costs invoiced by some non-contracted tow companies.

If you decide to use a non-contracted tow company to tow your vehicle, ask for the schedule of fees before agreeing to any service.

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