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  Reminder To Use Caution When Using Roadways and Crosswalks

Mar 25, 2010 13:54 ET

With the high number of fatalities on our roadways this year, Durham Regional Police would like to remind drivers and pedestrians to practice safe habits while using the roads and crosswalks in our community.

For drivers, it is always important to check mirrors and blind spots when changing lanes because small vehicles and motorcycles may easily be missed. Also, checking mirrors on a constant basis while driving will raise awareness of the vehicles surrounding you.

Pedestrians and drivers should always use caution when entering an intersection, even when given the right of way. Drivers making turns may not be able to see the person crossing or the pedestrian may try and enter the crosswalk at the same time as a vehicle. Being aware of all people and vehicles on the road can greatly decrease the chances of a collision involving a pedestrian.

When driving a motorcycle, it’s important to be aware of your position on the roadways and whether you’re clearly visible to other vehicles. Being so small, a motorcycle may be hard to see in car mirrors. It’s also important to drive at the speed limit and not weave through traffic.

There have been eight fatalities involving motor vehicles in the Durham Region this year. Of these eight deaths, three involved pedestrians and one a motorcycle. There have also been two more collisions where pedestrians suffered serious injuries. Please use extra discretion at all times to make sure you arrive safely at your destination.

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