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  DRP Breaks Up ATM Tampering Ring

Mar 26, 2010 13:42 ET

Durham Regional Police, along with members of the O.P.P., placed six people under arrest in an ATM tampering ring.

Project Kaiser began in the summer of 2009 and focused on a small group of suspects who were manufacturing, distributing and using ATM overlay devices and pinhole cameras specifically designed for certain models of ATMs. The devices were being used across the GTA and were also being sold to other criminal networks in Ontario.

The project was initiated by the DRPS Fraud Unit after several of the devices were found in ATMs in Durham Region. Assisting the project was the O.P.P. Identity Crime Unit. "This is an excellent example of what we can accomplish when we utilize our partnerships in the policing and banking community," said Inspector Brian Osborne of the Major Crime Unit.

Six people were arrested in simultaneous raids in Vaughan, Barrie and Newmarket on March 18th. These raids were supported by the DRPS Offender Management Unit, the O.P.P. Identity Crimes Unit, and the York Regional Police and the Barrie Police. The five males and one female accused are now facing a combined 80 charges.

Approximately 110 ATM overlay and pinhole camera devices were recovered. Each device represents a potential $80,000 to $100,000 loss for a bank. Hundreds of debit cards and thousands of pieces of compromised electronic data were also seized.

Also three vehicles were seized under Proceeds of Crime legislation: a 2010 Porsche Cayenne; a 2010 Dodge Magnum and a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. Various other items, worth an estimated $100,000, were seized as well including power tools, electronic games, liquor and other property associated with the suspects. Officers also recovered six baseball caps, two wigs and various sunglasses used to disguise appearances near the ATM security cameras.

“Citizens need to be cognizant of their banking activities and ATM surroundings,” said Inspector Osborne. "If you see something suspicious report it to the bank and police immediately."

For a list of the accuseds and their charges, please view our Media Release.

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fraud thumb (JPG file, 40.7K bytes)
Hundreds of debit cards were seized (JPG file, 150.7K bytes)
A briefcase the accused would carry to install the device (JPG file, 159.2K bytes)
Insp. Perron from the O.P.P. and Insp. Osborne answer media questions (JPG file, 619.7K bytes)
Insp. Osborne demonstrates how easily a device can be attached to the ATM (JPG file, 690.8K bytes)