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  Kindergarten Student Honoured by DRPS

May 12, 2010 13:19 ET

A heroic kindergarten student was honoured by DRPS for keeping safety top of mind while playing.

Cst. Darryl Rice presented a certificate to Morgan in front of his class at Ormonston Public School to award him for his actions. Morgan also received a diecast DRPS replica cruiser donated by the Durham Regional Police Association, as well as, a DRPS water bottle.

Five-year-old Morgan Gibbons and his younger brother Jacob were playing with a ball on a snow bank in between their house and a neighbours on the afternoon of February 3, 2010. Jacob was standing at the bottom of the snow bank near the road, while Morgan was up on top of the bank. Their mother, Jennifer, was busy getting their baby sister Kailin ready for a family excursion.

The ball rolled onto the road and Morgan did the smart thing and called out, “Mom! The ball went out on the road!”

Neither boy went out on the road to retrieve the ball. They waited until their mom was able to bring back the ball for them.

“I think it’s really important for kids to be recognized for their positive behaviour and that their early experiences with the police strengthen their sense of responsibility and pride,” said Daphne Kuehn, a neighbour of Morgan Gibbons and member of DRPS.

Morgan showed that he is a leader for safety in our community.

For more tips on safety visit Durham Regional Police Service – Kids Corner.

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Student is given DRPS water bottle and diecast DRPS replica cruiser (JPG file, 83.8K bytes)