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  Great Turn Out at Bicycle Fun & Safety Day

Jun 07, 2010 14:51 ET

Hundreds of Durham youngsters learned the importance of being safe on wheels at the Kids’ Safety Village annual Bicycle Fun and Safety Day on Saturday, June 5.

Kids who brought their bicycle and proper safety gear had the opportunity to explore interactive stations at the Village to learn about bike safety. Stations included the balance test, the narrow road test, a helmet education station and more. Kids also had their bikes examined and tuned up by experts from Impala Bicycles.

Every participant received a certificate and many youth won prizes such as a brand new helmet. Lucky youngsters Connor, Kyle and Ian show off the helmets they won in a picture below.

Parents and caregivers also had the opportunity to learn about bicycle safety for their loved ones. They were educated on how to ensure a child’s helmet fits properly, were advised to commit to a “no helmet, no wheels” policy in their households and to always set a good example by wearing their own helmet when on a bike.

The event wrapped up “Bike Safety Week” in Durham Region, in which Durham Regional Police officers rewarded kids seen wearing their bicycle helmets properly. They were given vouchers that can be redeemed for one free kids’ meal at any Swiss Chalet restaurant in Durham Region.

The Durham Regional Police Service would like to thank those who came out as well as the many volunteers who helped make the day a success.

How to Ensure Your Helmet Fits Properly

Remember the 2-4-1 salute, as demonstrated by Connor and Kyle in the picture below.

2 – Two fingers above your eyebrow to the bottom of your helmet.
4 – Four fingers (two on each side) to represent the V-strap around the bottom of your ear lobes
1 – One finger between the strap and your chin.

A properly fitted helmet should not wobble on your head. Never wear hats or high ponytails underneath your helmet.

Click here for more bike safety tips!

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Connor, Kyle and Ian show off their new helmets (JPG file, 452.6K bytes)
Cst Astrid Morse poses in front of all the action (JPG file, 398.4K bytes)
Cst. Astrid Morse teaches youth the importance of bike safety  (JPG file, 390.8K bytes)
Kyle and Connor demonstrate the 2 4 1 salute  (JPG file, 661.0K bytes)