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  9-1-1 Communicators and Officers Recognized

Jun 14, 2010 14:20 ET

When seconds matter, 9-1-1 Communications staff are the lifeline of any police service. Answering 9-1-1 calls, dispatching officers or other emergency services personnel to an incident and staying in touch with them once they have reached the scene are vital to both public and officer safety.

Durham Regional Police Communications members were honoured recently for their part in saving the lives of heart attack victims at the annual ‘Survivor’s Day’ Awards at Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility in Ajax.

Organized by the Central East Prehospital Care Program at Lakeridge Health, the awards were presented to police, fire, and ambulance (EMS) personnel in the region who helped save the lives of heart attack during the past year. Many cardiac survivors were at the ceremony to thank their rescuers in person.

Communicator Tami Hartford was the call taker for two of the 34 survivors in 2009. She has had the opportunity to meet her survivor at past Survivor’s Days.

“It kind of gives us closure on a call, when often times we don't get that,” she said.

She credits teamwork between emergency responders for saving so many lives over the past year.

“When you see the amount of people that take part in a call, from the initial operator, right through to the EMS and fire team, it is incredible the numbers of emergency service workers involved.”

Recipients of the award included Communicators Adrianne Gurr, Tami Hartford, Cindy Lang, Angie Finn, Marci Galley, Rebecca Astles, Janis Carvalho, James Timmins, Sean Carmichael, Todd Foster, Stacie Lockwood, James Harwood, Sherri Wallace, Tracey Thompson, Jan Stokes, LisaMarie Ferreira, Angie McPherson, Adam Moore, Laura Farmer, Megan Broome, Chantale Jones, Jen Allbon, Liz Powers, Cindy Lang, Jan Stokes and Kim Gibbons.

Responding officers were also recognized for their part in helping to save the lives of heart attack victims. Kudos to Cst. Ryan Edey, Cst. Daniel Riley, Cst. Dean Birmingham, Cst. Rene Berentschot, Cst. Jennifer Dunlop, Cst. Jarah Knock, Cst. Robert Collins, D/Cst. Gabe Gagnon, Cst. Matthew Roy, Cst. Kevin Molloy, Cst. Michael Horner, Cst. Erik Mamers, Cst. Kevin Wintle, Cst. Robert Parcells, Cst. Jamie Broadstock, Cst. Andrew Massey, Cst. Tim Wray, Cst. Gordon Dicresce, Cst. Jeffrey Hoover, Cst. Ronald Carquez, Cst. Joshua Street and Cst. Linda Warren.

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