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  Deputy Chiefs Switch Jobs

Jan 06, 2003 07:12 ET

As originally announced in 2001, the two Deputy Chiefs of the Durham Regional Police are changing portfolios.

Rod Piukkala will now serve as the Deputy Chief of Administration and Chuck Mercier will serve as Deputy Chief of Operations. The switching of the positions is designed to give both individuals further knowledge and expertise regarding every facet of the organization.

Police Chief Kevin McAlpine met with both men this morning, outlined some key corporate goals and objectives and welcomed them to their new positions.

Both Deputy Chiefs began their positiions on July 3, 2001and bring 55 years of combined policing experience to their new portfolios.

The attached photographs features Chief McAlpine (left) with Deputy Chief Mercier (centre) and Deputy Chief Piukkala (right).

Below are attached files.
Deputies Change Positions (JPG file, 53.9K bytes)
Deputies Change Positions (JPG file, 126.9K bytes)