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  DRP Receives Grant from Attorney General

Jul 22, 2010 09:27 ET

Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley granted the Durham Regional Police $207,800 to fight against child pornography and computer fraud.

Deputy Chief Scott Burns welcomed the news at a brief press conference held July 21 at Regional Headquarters in Whitby.

The money comes from the AG’s Civil Remedies program, which allows money taken out of the hands of wrongdoers to be used to support crime prevention and victim assistance programs.

"I call it the Robin Hood legislation," said AG Chris Bentley. "It allows us to take money from the bad guys and give it to the good guys."

“These monies will be spent to assist the DRPS to purchase computer hardware and software,” said Deputy Chief Scott Burns, “It will enable investigators to advance investigations in computer crimes such as child pornography, internet luring and computer fraud. DRPS thanks Mr. Bentley and his Ministry for their grant donation.”

“The computer hardware and software provided to the service from the Attorney General will enhance our ability to process evidence in our Electronic Crimes Unit. It will also effectively improve our computer systems by approximately 300 per cent,” said Brain Osborne Inspector of the Major Crime Branch, “The key message is that the evidence seized in these cases will help protect the most vulnerable people in our community – children and seniors.”

This is the second grant in two years the DRPS has received from the AG.

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Deputy Chief Burns and Inspector Brian Osborne Speak at the Press Conference (JPG file, 117.2K bytes)
Terry Clayton Chair: DRP Service Board, Wayne Arthurs MPP, Chris Bentley AG, Joe Dickson MPP, Deputy Chief Burns and Insp. Osborne (JPG file, 118.8K bytes)