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  Burglaries Heat Up in the Summer Months

Jul 23, 2010 08:20 ET

While the summer season is the most popular time for vacationing, it is also a prime time for burglaries. According to Aviva, one of Canada’s largest home insurers, in the month of June home break-ins rise by four per cent, nine per cent in July and can rise up to 20 per cent in August. Research has found that Friday is the most common day for burglaries to occur. Friday break-ins are 28 per cent higher than on a Sunday.

The nice weather in the summer makes it more convenient for thieves than in the winter. They also know many people use this time to take their holidays. Summer months mean well-deserved vacation time, so don’t let an intruder ruin your time off. The most important thing to remember is to discourage the thief. Follow these guidelines and enjoy your holidays knowing that you left your home safe and secure.

• Have deadbolts on your doors and use them.
• Lock windows and doors at night and when leaving your home.
• Keep garage doors, gates and fences closed.
• Install a burglar alarm and have a motion-sensor light near entrances – the last thing a thief wants to do is draw attention to themselves.
• Consider putting together a Neighbourhood Watch to deter break-ins in your community.
• Do not leave keys hidden outside your home.
• When on vacation, have a neighbour pick up your mail and mow your lawn. Also, consider having a house-sitter.
• Have a timer to turn lights on and off when away on vacation.
• Change the locks when moving into a new house.
• Let neighbours know when you are leaving for vacation and when you are expected to return.
• Do not leave messages on the door to indicate you are not home.
• Keep the porch light on when you are away at night.
• A safety precaution that is usually overlooked is locking the sliding patio door. Balconies and patio doors are a common point of entry. Entering at the front door poses a risk for the thief of being seen by a neighbour.
• The most common items of theft are tools, televisions, jewelry, laptops, cameras, stereos, cash and credit cards. Keep these items out of sight from windows.
• Even if you live in a rural area, don’t assume that you won’t need the same security for your home.

DRPS would like to remind residents to be cautious of break-ins as burglaries heat-up in the summer months.

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