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  Distracted Driving in Durham Region

Aug 05, 2010 07:59 ET

From July 24, 2010 to August 2, 2010, the DRPS Traffic Services Branch conducted an enforcement campaign focused on the distracted driving legislation.

During the campaign 94 Provincial Offence Notices were issued to drivers who were seen using or holding an electronic device while driving on our roads. These electronic devices included: cellphones, BlackBerrys, iPods, GPS devices and having display screens visible to the driver such as DVD players and laptop computers. Tickets issued consisted of an out-of-court fine of $125. Since this legislation came into effect in October 2009, DRPS Traffic Services Branch has seen a decrease in compliancy throughout 2010.

DRPS wants to remind motorists that it is illegal and unsafe to hold or use any entertainment device while driving a motor vehicle. Distracted driving is equivalent to driving while impaired and has now become one of the leading causes of collisions. Help keep our community safe by losing the distractions while driving.

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