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  Students Reward Safe Drivers

Aug 18, 2010 10:42 ET

DRPS Youth in Policing students were out rewarding drivers to thank them for practicing safe driving habits in Operation Highway Rewards on Aug. 17.

East Division officers helped the students conduct radar enforcement on Hwy. 2 and Green Rd. and on Liberty St. in front of Bowmanville High School. Any motorist who was caught driving the speed limit was given a reward from the students. “This is a great opportunity for the students to learn about road safety,” said Cst. Keith Richards, one of the supervisors of the Youth in Policing program. “Most of them are G1 drivers and it is important for them to create safe driving habits now.”

More than 100 vehicles were stopped and the drivers were impressed with the initiative, not to mention, relieved they weren’t receiving a ticket.

The Traffic Services Branch would like to remind all motorists to slow down and drive carefully, especially when there are so many motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists out enjoying the weather. Drivers should pay extra attention while getting to and from your destination.

The Durham Regional Police Youth in Policing program is a leadership program for youth ages 14 to 17. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to build confidence and leadership skills while allowing youth a chance to make a difference in the community by participating in fundraising initiatives and other events. Youth also get the chance to explore different cultures, try new things and push themselves physically and mentally. The students are graduating from the 2010 program on Thurs. Aug. 19 at 7:00 p.m. at Notre Dame/J Clarke Richardson Auditorium on Harwood Ave. in Ajax.

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Students conduct radar along Hwy. 2 (JPG file, 72.5K bytes)
Cst. Richards and Hannah reward a safe driver (JPG file, 74.0K bytes)