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  Meet Our New Chief

Oct 20, 2010 14:10 ET

Durham Regional Police Chief Mike Ewles handed over the reins on Oct. 19 to his new replacement, 10-year-old Brittani Bourque. Brittani earned her place as Chief for a Day when she read her essay in front of a panel of community judges on Oct. 1.

Chief Brittani was picked up at St. Bernadette Catholic School and escorted to Regional Headquarters Tuesday morning where a Change of Command ceremony took place and she was sworn in as Durham Regional Police Chief for a Day. In the crowded boardroom, Chief Brittani thanked everyone for the opportunity and announced she would like to implement a pyjama day, every other week, as everyone would be more comfortable while working!

She had a busy day as she visited various police units including the Forensic Identification Unit, the Central Cellblock, Communication and the Police Learning Centre where Chief Brittani learned defensive tactics. She completed her day with a ride over her school in the police helicopter Air1.

Chief Brittani will complete her duties when she reads her essay to a sold-out crowd of over 600 people on Oct. 21 during the 8th Annual Police Appreciation Dinner and Awards Night.

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Chief Brittani faces her first interview in her new office (JPG file, 329.3K bytes)
D/Cst. Groves shows Brittani and her sister some fingerprints (JPG file, 355.5K bytes)
Brittani and her Use of Force instructors (JPG file, 379.8K bytes)
Flight Officer Schutt gives Chief Brittani her pre-flight instructions (JPG file, 389.6K bytes)
Pilot Buck makes sure she's ready to go (JPG file, 300.8K bytes)