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  DRP Participates in Launch of Literacy Program

Nov 01, 2010 12:21 ET

Durham Regional Police partnered with the Durham District School Board (DDSB), the North-South Partnership for Children, the Baagwating Community Association and various other agencies to help launch the First Nation Literacy Partnership Program (FNLPP).

The project’s goal is to connect people with one another through reading and help them learn more about First Nation histories, cultures and contributions to Canada. The students will be given books written by Aboriginal authors to help raise awareness and understanding.

Five classes of students from the DDSB joined classes from First Nations communities across Ontario where they participated in Talking Circles and a smudging ritual. Raven Murphy, a proud Anishinaabe (kwe) woman performed the ritual, which consists of burning sage, sweetgrass and cedar to purify energy, and several cultural songs.

For more information on Aboriginal Studies with the DDSB, please click here.

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Deputy Burns participates in a reading circle (JPG file, 469.4K bytes)
Cst. Keith Richards and students discuss aboriginal ceremonies with Raven (JPG file, 430.5K bytes)