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  Our Officers Give Back

Nov 24, 2010 12:12 ET

Officers from Central East Division got into the Christmas spirit early this year when they responded to a report of a street level robbery and assault.

John, a 19-year-old male, walked 10 kms to Best Buy in Whitby in order to purchase an iPod with his $250 savings. After learning he didn’t have enough money to buy what he wanted and being tired from the walk to the store, he decided to flag down a ride home.

Shortly after, a male stopped and John offered him $5 for the ride. Initially the male refused but then John offered him $10, which the male asked to see first. John then opened his wallet and showed the male his money, all of it. The suspect agreed to drive him home but that he needed to make a stop first.

Once they were in a parking lot, the suspect assaulted John, causing damage to his eye and cutting his cheek. When John attempted to flee, the suspect put him in a headlock, ripped the wallet off the chain that was attached to the victim’s clothes and fled the scene.

The suspect, who has a long criminal history with police, was eventually located and arrested.

After hearing about John’s situation, Constable Chris Giasson approached his fellow officers who all generously donated money in order to purchase John his iPod. Cst. Giasson went to Best Buy and explained the situation and they also donated a case and a 3-year warranty plan.

Kudos to all the officers who contributed and to Cst. Giasson for helping turn John’s nightmare into a happy ending.

Below are attached files.
ipod thumb (JPG file, 38.2K bytes)
Cst. Giasson and Insp. Kluem present John, with his step-father and father, with a new iPod  (JPG file, 123.2K bytes)