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  DRP Members Hear From Cyber Security Expert

Jan 21, 2011 11:27 ET

Several members of DRPS recently heard about the latest trends in cyber security from an industry expert at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology (UOIT).

UOIT’s Faculty of Business and Information Technology welcomed guest speaker Michael Assanti, who offered his thoughts on the latest industry trends, challenges and opportunities. Mr. Assanti is a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer with experience in information warfare and security management. He most recently held the position of VP and Chief Security Officer of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Mr. Assanti says the issue of cyber security has been largely undervalued over the past few years but is really starting to come to the forefront as security issues continue to arise. He suggests organizations need to change the way they design systems as well as hiring skilled and innovative people to keep up with the changing technologies. Cyber security planning needs to become part of an organization’s core business.

He says in the U.S. the FBI considers cyber threats against the nation one of the greatest concerns of the 21st century and the statement is largely true in Canada as well. Mr. Assanti notes future challenges lie in maintaining ease of access to the Internet and other applications while trying to ensure a secure system.

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