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  East Division Officers Start Police/Parent Coalition

Jan 27, 2011 12:03 ET

East Division officers welcomed a group of parents at the first Police/Parent Coalition meeting, hosted at MJ Hobbs Public School in Hampton on Jan. 24.

Several parents voiced their concerns about issues including cyber bullying, drugs and substance abuse, the Internet and police and school interaction.

Youth and school liaison Constables David Swaine, Sara Foote and Stacey Sullivan encouraged attendees to keep the lines of communication open and to utilize any and all resources available to them. “We are trying to find the underlying reasons for a youth’s behavior and base our reaction on that rather than the specific crime,” said Cst. Foote. “This way we can try to enter the kids into an appropriate program and get to the root of the issue.”

The officers handed out a survey to find out what topics are most important to the group as well as an area to include anything they may not have covered. Future meetings will be scheduled and based on the information gathered through the survey.

For more information about future meetings, please contact Cst. David Swaine at

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