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  Distracted Drivers Pay the Price

Mar 07, 2011 15:05 ET

A one-week traffic initiative focused on distracted driving in Durham Region has resulted in over 250 tickets being issues.

Members of the Traffic Services Branch along with the support of officers from the five divisions issued 251 Provincial Offence Notices for distracted driving from Feb. 28 – Mar. 6.

Three drivers were also found to be operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and were arrested and charged with impaired driving. Two other drivers were found to be operating a motor vehicle while their driver’s licences were suspended. The vast majority of ticketed drivers were observed talking on their cellphones while driving.

To date, DRPS has issued 531 tickets for distracted driving in 2011 and 1,585 tickets since the law came into effect in Oct. 2009.

The Durham Regional Police wish to remind all motorists that driving while using the cellphone or texting is not only illegal but an extremely dangerous habit. A charge of driving while distracted could result in a $155 fine. All drivers need to keep their focus on the road while operating a motor vehicle.

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