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  Media Test New Intoxilyzers

Mar 24, 2011 16:40 ET

It's not everyday that reporters are asked to come to a police station for a free drink.

But that's what happened on March 23rd when the Traffic Services Branch invited media personalities to help test out our new Intoxilyzer 8000 devices. It was all part of training currently underway that certifies police officers to use the devices at police stations.

Chris Dunlop of AM 1580/KX 96 FM and Debra Hutchison of Rogers TV joined other media celebrities to have a few drinks and then test out the equipment. They then shared their stories with thousands of viewers and listeners to help tell the story of impairment. After consuming four or five drinks in a controlled setting over the span of one hour, several of the reporters blew over the legal limit of .08 and others did not.

It just goes to show that there are no "standard rules" when it comes to alcohol tolerance or absorption levels and that your own perception of your condition is often far from what the machine says. Several reporters blew over the legal limit but said they would have never driven a car based on how they felt - yet police stop people driving with far higher BAC levels on a regular basis.

Safe rides and designated drivers were used to ensure everyone got home safely. The DRPS would like to thank all of the reporters who attended and who helped educate the public about the dangers of drinking too much and driving.

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