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  DRP Reminds Citizens to Be Extra Cautious Around Waterways

Apr 26, 2011 09:55 ET

The Durham Regional Police Service would like to advise residents to be cautious around open water and slippery river banks throughout the region as heavy rain is expected around the Region in the next few days.

Creeks, streams and rivers can be hazardous in spring weather. Water is flowing rapidly and flooding is a risk. Parents should advise children to stay clear of open water when playing outdoors, as well as unstable stream embankments, lake shores, ponds and fast-flowing rivers. Kids should always play with a buddy.

It is very easy to slide into water during this time of year, and very difficult to climb out. The DRP asks residents to be vigilant when near any type of natural water system and to ensure your children are aware of safe play areas and danger zones during spring rain.

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