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  Keep Safe This Summer

Jun 20, 2011 10:08 ET

Everyone loves to sit back and relax underneath a hot sun. It’s important for residents to keep in mind that safety precautions, like the ones listed below, will keep the summer months enjoyable. Durham Regional Police reminds everyone to have fun but keep safe during the new season.


• Always swim in pairs. People of all ages can become tired after swimming or develop cramps, so it’s a smart idea to keep someone close to help if needed.

• What lies under the water’s surface is the most important information you can have before swimming. Look for signs that say “Shallow water” or “No diving” that will indicate the depth of the water below. These signs could be posted because of rocks, logs or shallow waters.

• Children are encouraged to take swimming lessons, for these lessons teach safety in and out of the water as well as instructions for what to do in an emergency. Children should always be supervised while swimming regardless of their skill in the pool, and if your child has not learned how to swim yet, a fitted life jacket should be worn at all times.


• Inspect your boat before departure for maintenance issues, safety devices and provisions.

• Life jackets save lives! Make sure all passengers are wearing one at all times and carry a sound signal and flash light should you encounter problems.

• Boat sober; drinking while operating the boat or carrying open alcohol containers on the vessel carries the same penalties as doing so in an automobile. Make sure you carry your boater’s license.

• Checking the weather, planning a course and telling someone when you expect to return are all crucial steps to complete before getting out on the open waters.

Exercise & Activities

• It’s always best to do outdoor exercises and activities in the early morning or evening to avoid direct suns rays. Wear loose clothing so the skin is able to dry faster and remember to wear waterproof sunscreen so it won’t come off when you sweat.

• Beware of keeping your ear phones on too high; it’s always important to be fully aware of your surroundings. And always carry a piece of ID with you incase of an emergency.

• Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, carry extra provisions in case of an emergency, and if you experience any negative changes to your body, such as weakness and dizziness, you should give yourself a break.

For more outdoor safety tips, be sure to check out our Summer Safety, Bike Safety and Travel Safety tips sections.

The Durham Regional Police Service hopes you and your family have a safe and fun summer!

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