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  Keep Your Home Protected this Summer

Jul 08, 2011 14:36 ET

Summer is always a great time for vacationing away from home but Durham Regional Police reminds citizens that summer is also the most popular time for thieves to strike.

According to one of Canada’s largest insurance providers, Aviva Canada Inc., crimes involving residences increase in June, July and August. Break-ins tend to increase as people are away from their homes and away at cottages or summer trips. There are more home invasions, however, the vast majority are drug-related and are not random incidents.

Fridays appear to be the most common day for burglaries, with 26 per cent more incidents happening on the day than Sunday. Local stats for Durham Region are not available.

“The key factor is more opportunity,” said Wayne Ross, Vice President of National Property Claims at Aviva Canada. “As residents are out of their homes more frequently and for longer periods of time in the summer months, there is more opportunity for burglaries to occur.”

Summer months mean well-deserved vacation time, so don’t let an intruder ruin your time off. Follow these guidelines and enjoy your time off knowing you left your home safe and secure.

• Install deadbolts and sturdy frames on your doors and lock them every time you leave the house.
• Keep garage doors, gates and fences closed.
• Consider security alarms and motion sensors around entrances that will ensure quick police responses.
• Do not leave spare keys hidden outside.
• While on vacation, having someone pick up your mail and mow your lawn will limit the appearance of a vacant home.
• Always change the locks when moving into a new residence.
• Consider establishing a Neighbourhood Watch to deter break-ins in your community.
• Never leave messages on the door to indicate you’ve left on vacation.
• The most common items stolen in a home invasion are smaller items such as tools, electronics, jewelry and cash; keep these items out of sight from windows.

DRPS wishes you worry-free vacations for the rest of the summer months.

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