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  DRP Members Take Their Kids To Work

Nov 02, 2011 11:45 ET

Grade 9 students from across the region gathered at UOIT to take part in the annual "Take Our Kids To Work Day."

The program enables the students to see what their parents or guardians do at work and to better understand the company or organization they are visiting for the day. It also gives them the opportunity to explore policing as a future career option.

The students enjoyed a full day of information starting with a welcome from Chief Constable Mike Ewles. He reminded them that policing is an extremely rewarding career for both sworn and civilian members.

“Whether you’re an officer or a civilian member, DRPS can offer you a variety of different roles over the course of your career,” he says. "There are excellent opportunities to experience many different things while working for a great organization.

During the course of the day students heard from the Tactical members, Target Team, K-9, Community Resources, E-Crimes, Drug Enforcement, Traffic, IT and Crime Stoppers.

Take Our Kids to Work is a national program of The Learning Partnership and has existed since 1994. More than 1.5 million young Canadians and tens of thousands of workplaces have participated in the program.

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