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  Thin Ice and Slippery Banks a Danger to Residents

Mar 17, 2003 11:51 ET

The Durham Regional Police Service would like to advise residents to be cautious of thin ice, open water and slippery river banks throughout the region as warm temperatures thaw winter’s ice and snow.

The three large bodies of water in Durham Region - Lake Ontario, Lake Scugog and Lake Simcoe - are becoming dangerous for winter users, as are the numerous ponds, creeks and streams in the region. Lake Scugog is known for its open water even in the midst of winter, and warm temperatures and rain will make Lake Simcoe less safe over the coming days and weeks.

Entrance points onto Lake Scugog are now flooded with approximately three to four inches of water. The DRP is advising residents and visitors to stay clear of the lake as forecasted warm temperatures and rain further melt the ice that has accumulated during winter.

Creeks, streams and rivers are also hazardous during spring thaw. Water could be flowing rapidly under a thin veil of ice and flooding is a risk. Parents should advise children to stay clear of open water when playing outdoors, as well as unstable stream embankments, lake shores, ponds and fast-flowing rivers. Kids should always play with a buddy.

It is very easy to slide into water during this time of year, and very difficult to climb out. The DRP asks residents to be vigilant when near any type of natural water system and to ensure your children are aware of safe play areas and danger zones during spring thaw.

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