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  Chief Gets Sneak Peek at Training /911 Centre

Aug 15, 2017 13:31 ET

Chief Constable Mike Ewles recently got a preview of the new DRPS Operations Training Centre (OTC), and he liked what he saw.

Touring through the construction site with the contractor and members of the DRPS Facilities Management Unit, he could see past the dirt floors and block walls as the structure gradually takes shape.

“You don’t really have an appreciation for how large the footprint is until you are inside walking around,” he says, “This is a much-needed facility, services two of our most urgent operational requirements, reduces our risk and liability concerns and sets us up nicely for many years to come.”

The OTC will host a 25-metre long, 12-lane soundproof firing range and a Communications/9-1-1 Centre. The remaining space will be used for offices, change rooms and equipment storage.

The DRPS is the only police service in the GTA still leasing space in a private gun club for firearms training. Required by the Police Services Act regulations, officers must re-qualify their firearm skills each year before going out on patrol. Despite enjoying an excellent relationship with the Ajax Rod & Gun Club over the years, the new firing range allows the police “scheduling flexibility,” state of the art technology, and better air-exchange systems.

An important risk management concern is the Communications/9-1-1 Centre currently located in Central East Division at 77 Centre Street North -- the main police station in downtown Oshawa. With increasing Regional population growth and corresponding demands for service, a larger Communications/9-1-1 Centre was a necessity. Space issues and annual maintenance work on the facility present ongoing challenges.

“We need some of that space for frontline and operational support functions. A Communications/9-1-1 Centre does not have to be located inside an active police station – certainly not our biggest and busiest divisional building,” says Chief Ewles, “The new facility will have the advantages of modern design for all of the computer infrastructure, better backup systems and there are advantages in terms of parking options for staff.”

Completion of the construction is slated for late summer 2012 and occupancy is anticipated in October 2012. It is designed in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007 – the latest standard of energy efficiency at the time of design.

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