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  Cannington can Prevent Crime

Jun 15, 2012 13:47 ET

On June 11, a public safety session was held in Cannington to teach the public about personal and home safety. The event was sponsored by Neighborhood Watch and offered a great deal of advice and suggestions for citizens.

DRP members Cst. Martin Wind and Morgen Dobson attended the event to educate citizens on how to prevent crime and to talk about current trends in Durham Region. Some main topics of discussion included keeping your car doors locked, avoid big bushes near windows to prevent people from lurking around your yard, never leave valuables near the front door or in your car and to remember that banks will never ask for your credit information through an email.

During the safety session, real life crime stories taking place in Durham Region were shared. This was an eye-opening experience and taught people how to prevent crime in their neighborhood. At the end of the event, everyone left with better knowledge on what to do to prevent crime and what to look for.

Click on our safety tips page for more information on how to prevent crime.

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Cst. Marten Wind teaches the crowd about home and personal safety (JPG file, 411.2K bytes)