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  ProAction Cops & Kids White Water Excursion

Feb 23, 2018 11:02 ET

For the second year, 11 youths from Oshawa and Clarington were selected to join four police officers on a ProAction Cops & Kids white water rafting trip. The kids challenged the rapids in Davidson, Quebec on the Ottawa River with the Esprit White Water Company.

The Durham River Adventure program is a three-day camping trip, with one full day spent on the Ottawa River where the youths used teamwork to navigate and conquer the rapids. Two additional days were spent around camp with the kids participating in team-building exercises through various sports and activities.

This program is one of three annual outdoor wilderness and adventure excursions run by the Durham Regional Police. In January, a three-day trip for snowshoeing and dog sledding took place in Halliburton and, a five-day canoeing trip in Algonquin Provincial Park will take place in July for the fourth consecutive year.

All programs are funded by ProAction Cops & Kids. An organization that believes by establishing a positive relationship between police and youth it will strengthen our community today and in the future. This will help to create an environment of mutual understanding and respect.

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