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  Moving Towards a Safer Community

Jun 22, 2012 07:48 ET

Ajax kicked off the start of a new season with their summer safety campaign “Ajax Moves 3 Ways,” on June 20. The launch of this unique campaign is to teach the community about roadway safety by targeting motorists, cyclists and pedestrians together.

This is a new and innovative way of creating awareness and is part two of Ajax’s 2008 Community Safety Strategy. DRP, a partner in the campaign, was there to support and talk to local residents about the importance of obeying the rules of the road. The goal is to reduce the number of collisions and injuries on our roadways and to improve the way people travel.

“The Durham Regional Police Service is committed to ensuring our roads, sidewalks and trails are safe for all users,” said Chief Mike Ewles. “The Ajax Moves 3 Ways campaign is the first of its kind in Durham Region and we are proud to support this important initiative.”

In an effort to involve the entire Ajax community, safety tips have been posted on the website and are accessible in five of the most common languages. A short video was also made for the event to help reach a bigger audience. It is important for new immigrants in the area who don’t understand the laws, to learn about their rights and the rights of others on the road with or without a vehicle.

“Many newcomers to Ajax are eager to use the town’s integrated transportation system," said Tracey Vaughan-Barrett, Executive Director of Community Development Council Durham. “The campaign informs new residents on the rights of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, and provides our clients with key information to navigate the town safely.”

“We work hard to ensure the message on travelling safely gets out to the public," said Cst. Myers, Traffic Safety Coordinator for West Division. “It is important for people to know and use non-verbal forms of communication while on the road, such as always making eye contact and using proper turn signals and this campaign helps promote that message.”

To learn more about the campaign visit the Ajax Moves 3 Ways website.

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