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  DRP Members Recognized at Survivor Day

Jun 25, 2012 14:40 ET

DRP members, firefighters and EMS workers were all honoured at the 10th Annual Cardiac Safe Survivor Day on June 22 for their part in saving the lives of heart attack victims.

The event was held at the Ajax Convention Centre, where all cardiac arrest survivors were also recognized. All of the officers, firefighters, communicators, EMS personnel and survivors took their turn walking down the congratulatory line shaking the hands of all of the presenters, which included DRP Deputy Chief Paul Martin and Superintendent Joe Maiorano.

The Cardiac Safe Community Program began in 2002 with public access defibrillator machines installed in local public spaces including arenas, municipal buildings and recreation centres. In Durham Region, there are approximately 133 sites equipped with public access defibrillators. Using a defibrillator in the first few minutes of an attack can improve survival rates by up to 85 per cent. When it comes to cardiac arrest, early intervention is key to survival and because of this, the number of people invited to the Survivor Day event grows every year.

Members of DRPS recognized at the event include: Communicators Karen Lenihan, Christina Kyc, Marci Galley, Sarina Wallace, Cheryl McNevin, Stacey Spriggs, Megan Tilley, Laurie Arnott, Pete Tomlin, Janice Byrne, Vicky Reid, Paula Mayers, Shawn Muir, Krystie Graham, Liz Powers, Cyndy Young, Janis Carvalho, Mike Hyde, Adam Moore, Dave Hyde, Samantha Bedford, Gord Taschuk, Sherri Wallace, Shelley Payne and Megan Hood. Constables Mindy Ryce, Jennie Chapman, Michael Horner, Ryan Gouldby, Matthew Jewell, Jason Fisher, Timothy Wray, Tyler French, Scott Montgomery, Aaron Ficko, Ryan Kelly, Simon Giguere, Greg O’Connor, Michael Van Belleghem, Jennifer Bowler, Tina Sanders, Matthew Forget, Brian Taylor, Michelle Obront, Rob Clauson, Amy Chatten, Rainer Berentschot, Ryan Bolton, Christopher Delaney, Corey Hartry, Jason Dimech, Ellen McCracken, Lee Marsh, Christopher Barkwell, Leila Bolahood, Stephanie Puckrin, Jermaine Griffin, Trevor Kathnelson, Aaron Glinz, Nicholas Rendell, Kyle Lloyd, Jennifer McNamara, D/Cst. Wayne King, Sergeants Clint Cole and Perian Naccarato.

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Deputy Chief Paul Martin and Superintendent Joe Maiorano congratulate communicators Sarina Wallace and Megan Tilley (JPG file, 70.0K bytes)
Cst. Barkwell shakes hands with the Deputy Chief and Superintendent  (JPG file, 58.5K bytes)
Cst. Griffin, Dimech, Delaney and Barkwell pose for a picture after being honoured at the ceremony (JPG file, 59.0K bytes)