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  Long Weekend Safety Tips

Jun 29, 2012 14:07 ET

The first long weekend of the summer is upon us and everyone is excited to celebrate and have a good time. To ensure that you stay safe this weekend, be sure to follow these tips.

Driving Tips:

• Avoid any driver distractions. Drivers who are distracted are just as impaired as a drunk driver.
• Ensure the proper use of seat belts, making sure there is the same number of people in the vehicle as there are working seat belts.
• Obey the rules of the road by respecting posted speed limits and drive accordingly to weather conditions.
• Stay alert and operate your vehicle safely around vulnerable motorists.

Have a Designated Driver (DD):

• Always plan who will be your DD in advance.
• Try to include your DD in the fun so they don’t feel they need to drink.
• Never get in a car or let your friends go home with someone who has been drinking.
• Never operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated, this includes cars, boats, ATV’s and motorcycles.
• Bring extra money with you, just in case.
• Program local transportation numbers into your phone before hand or call #TAXI.

Personal Safety:

• Always be familiar with local policies and laws, especially in an area that you are unfamiliar with.
• Adults (18 years or over) should handle fireworks. Never handle them if you are impaired.
• Set yourself a drinking limit and stick to it.
• Alternate your alcoholic drinks with water to stay hydrated.
• Be careful of drinking alcohol on hot days, as it can make you drowsy very fast.
• Don’t combine alcohol with carbonated drinks that speed up the absorption of alcohol and cause you to get drunker faster.
• Feeling extremely drunk after just starting to drink is an indication that you may have been drugged.
• Drink slowly.
• Do not leave your drink unattended.
• Don’t pressure someone to drink.

Celebration Safety:

• Have a plan for your journey home.
• Always let someone know where you are and when you’ll be home.
• Eat before you drink, this will slow down the rate alcohol gets absorbed into your bloodstream.
• Pace yourself and avoid binge drinking.
• Don’t mix alcohol with prescription medication.
• Try to avoid ‘top up’ drinks such as wine where your glass can be refilled several times.
• Avoid drinking in rounds with your friends. This can lead you to drink more than you had planned to.

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning:

• Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin.
• Unconscious or unable to be roused.
• Puking repeatedly or uncontrollably.
• Slow or irregular breathing.

If someone you know is displaying any of these signs call 911. Place them on their side with their knees bent to prevent them from choking on their vomit and stay with them.

Sun Safety:

Facts and Thing to Know:
• Concrete and dry sand reflect 15-20 per cent of UV rays and water reflects less than 10 per cent.
• Tans from tanning salons will not prevent you from getting a sunburn.
• Skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Canadians. It is also the most common cancer in the world.
• Don’t think you are safe just because the sky is cloudy. The suns harmful rays can get through fog, haze and light cloud cover.
• Limit your sun exposure time.
• Cover up your skin.
• Wear sunglasses that provide 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection and ensure they wrap around your face.
• Use sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher and apply 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapply often.
• When your shadow is shorter than you, look for shade.

Water Safety:

• Never swim alone or unsupervised. Even experienced swimmers can get cramps or become tired.
• If you’re an inexperienced swimmer don’t go too far into the water so your feet can’t touch.
• Be aware of warning signs and swim only within designated areas.
• Be careful not to dive in shallow areas to avoid injury.
• According to Red Cross, alcohol is a factor in 40 per cent of drownings.
• Always be aware of your limitations while swimming and don’t go beyond your ability.

Boating Safety:

• Inspect your boat before going out onto the water. Make sure you have the proper equipment and no leaks or damage to your boat
• Do no drink while operating a boat. If you are convicted with impaired operation of a boat you will lose the ability to operate any motorized vehicle, this includes cars and motorcycles.
• Make sure everyone on board has a proper fitting life jacket or personal flotation device.

Summer Safety for Pets:

During the extreme heat of the summer months it is imperative to keep your animals out of the heat. Just 15 minutes can be enough for an animal’s body temperature to climb to deadly levels. Never leave your animal in a parked vehicle or tied out in the sun.

Warning Signs of Overheating:
• Excessive panting or difficulty breathing
• Increased heart and respiratory rate
• Drooling
• Weakness
• Stupor
• Collapse
• Seizures
• Bloody diarrhea and vomit
• Elevated body temperature of 104 degrees

All facts and information used were taken from the following sites: DRPS, the University of California Davis Safe Party, Canadian Insurance, and Young Livin.

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