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  Protect Your Home This Summer

Jul 30, 2012 14:04 ET

The summer months mean more vacations and relaxing weekends away from your home, providing the perfect opportunity for thieves to strike. Crime involving residences increase during the months of June, July and August; Fridays being the most common day. DRP wants to remind the public on how to protect your home from invaders with these safety tips.

Prevention tips for your home
• Leave doors and windows locked whenever possible
• Keep your garage doors, gates and fences closed and locked. Keep garage door openers in the house and not the car
• Trim shrubs and trees to ensure doors and windows are in clear view
• Install adequate exterior lighting; consider motion sensors
• Leave a duplicate key with a friend or neighbour and not hidden outside
• Consider security measures like an audible monitored alarm
• Do not leave purses or valuables in view of persons at your door. Insist on seeing identification from sales and service people

Securing your valuables
• Store credit cards, identification, jewellery and valuables in a safe place other than the master bedroom, and use a home safe or safety deposit box for seldom used valuables
• Engrave larger items with an identification number so they are less attractive to thieves and easy to identify as your own
• Record serial numbers of appliances and electronics so they are easier to identify if stolen
• Take photos or video of your valuables

Vacation security tips
• Have mail and newspapers picked up by a friend or suspend them when you are away
• Have lawns cut while away on vacation
• Install timers for the lights, and a radio or TV, so it appears someone is home when you’re not
• Disable your garage door opener
• Inform trusted neighbours or relatives of your vacation plans and where you can be reached
• Never leave messages on the door or answering machine to indicate that you are away on vacation

If you come home and see a door ajar or a window broken, call the police immediately. NEVER enter the dwelling. If it looks suspicious — don’t hesitate — call police

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