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  Police and Students Drive Home Road Safety Messaging

Aug 10, 2012 11:30 ET

Students of the Youth In Policing program and uniformed officers were out in force on August 8 to educate motorists about the dangers on our roadways.

The teens helped conduct radar enforcement at Hwy.2 and Clarington Blvd. in Bowmanville and any motorist who was caught speeding was given the option of receiving a ticket or hearing an essay on the importance of safe driving and the effects it can have on their lives.

Many of the students shared personal experiences and how some serious road infractions have affected their lives. One teen lost her cousin when she was struck by a motorist while riding a bicycle.

“This experience gave the students a great appreciation of how quickly they could be involved in a speeding situation,” said Cst. Keith Richards. “Many of them will take this experience forward and be able to share it with their peers.”

One motorist was clocked going 97 km/h when the speed limit was 60 km/h which would have resulted in a $277 fine plus four demerit points against their licence.

The initiative was well received by both the students and the drivers. One motorist stated he was happy to see the police and the kids working together to promote road safety and that he’d ease up on the gas pedal.

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radar thumb (JPG file, 37.2K bytes)
Cst. Richards and four students take aim at speeders (JPG file, 428.7K bytes)
Two students share their essay with a driver (JPG file, 428.5K bytes)
Cst. Devine teaches the teens how to measure speed (JPG file, 407.2K bytes)